Sailing across an ocean

921be-img_9703sunrise-13My first ocean crossing, sailing from one continent to another, from Panama to French Polynesia.

25 days at sea, with only water around you. Moving west in 200miles steps each day, adjusting sails and course to optimum speed. Every morning the sun rises behind us and sets in front of us. We are just the crew of 3 and everybody is on watch duty for 3-4h, followed by a rest of 6-8h after which the next watch begins. During the night we travel with the Southern cross on our left side and the plow on our right side; these are our only companions, since we sail solo, and have seen only 2 other ships during the whole voyage.

Makes you understand why many cruisers choose to travel in teams or groups. But Discovery sails well, our equipment is good and the Captain has a lifetime of experience. So there is nothing to worry about (even after reading “Adrift” from a solo sailor who survived 79 days at sea in his liferaft…).

It feels good to travel slow.

Moving west, we watch the sun rise and set every day a little bit later. Every few days we set the clock 1h back to adjust to our slow travel through time zones. The temperature changes marginally. Every hour we write down our GPS coordinates and watch the progress, from 9 degrees North of the equator and 79 degrees West of Greenwich when we left Panama; to 15 degrees South and 141 West arriving in Fakarava, Tuamotus islands, French Polynesia.

No jet lag…

And lot’s of time.. time to think what you leave behind and what lies ahead of you. Time to read, to listen to music, to relax, to talk or just to watch quiet over the sea. Even time to learn new things (I figured out our onboard guitar would love some action 😉

Tomorrow we will see land again, and a new episode starts!


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