Salza packrafting

Lots of international competitions take place here over the year.

The Salza is one of the most popular kayaking rivers in Austria, even a lot of people from Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia come to spend a weekend on this river.

We loaded the van and decided to explore it for a couple of days. The drive was stunning, just before arriving at the Salza, the road leads through the Gesäuse National Park. We have to come back another day for some climbing and hiking!

20160521_151503   20160521_142352   20160521_141752

The Salza itself is not too hard to kayak (at least with the flow we had when we were there) and has lots of hiking nearby as well. Campings are close to all pull ins and there are sign posts with river maps. The lower part has beautiful sand banks to play and swim (if you dare the cold water). Perfect to warm up and relax before heading back home…

The water is so clear, Seon seems to float mid air!

3 thoughts on “Salza packrafting

    1. Hi there! I would certainly think you could. But the stretch you kayak is not massively long, but if you play around enough and take your time, you could probably do around 3 days. There are plenty of campgrounds along the river and there is a great section just in the little town of Wildalpen, in front of the campground, with a wave and lots of eddies and a slalom area. Am happy to help, let me know if you have more questions! Flow might be a bit low now in summer but we will be there this weekend, we’ll see. Also just in case, we have started a packrafting family business now,, in case you were interested in packrafting as well 🙂


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