Koppentraun MTB & Packrafting

Maya loves to be on my back while cycling, she watches the world fly by and lets the wind blow into her face.

Seon was keen on some river time and we had a look around to see what could work well for all of us and is close enough for a quick afternoon expedition. The Koppentraun river has a hiking and cycling trail next to it, in a beautiful setting without roads closeby, but the train runs right next to it which makes it perfect for kayaking since there is a train station both next to the put in & pull out… AND kayaks are allowed on the train!

The train ride upriver is also great for meeting other paddlers. Koppentraun is not a river you want to paddle on your own…

So we left the car next to the Obertraun station / pull out and I cycled up along the Traun river while Seon took the train, equipped with his pack raft. On the way back down, I could watch him and other kayakers and take photos. It’s a narrow canyon for most of the way and in winter the trail is actually closed due to avalanche risk! Near the pull out is the Koppenbrüller Höhle, a massive limestone cave system. Great area for an afternoon exploring!


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