Packrafting Slovenia

I heard about the Soca river in Slovenia a couple of years ago.

A multi day hiking trail along turquoise water running through stunning canyons. When I found out that it is also among the best kayaking spots worldwide, we knew that it was a perfect family packrafting destination. I could walk along on shore with Maya, while Seon did some parts packrafting, and others on land with me. Plus, when living in Austria, the Soca is only a 4-5h drive from our home!

We packed the van with hiking, packrafting and camping gear and drove South.

Just the drive itself is stunning, windy mountain roads and great views.

First glimpse of the Soca valley

We then left our van with the super friendly and helpful people at the Klin Lepena Camping (the most beautiful camping along the Soca by the way), and started hiking & packrafting from there. No kayaking is allowed further upriver, so this is the earliest entry point.

For the next 4 days, we slowly made our way down river, covering about 15km per day and camping out every night. The turquoise water invited for frequent swim stops to cool down, even Maya was up for a dip although water temperature was only 10 degrees.

The further down, the more urbanised the surroundings get, and once we got to Kobarid, we called it a day and hitchhiked back up to the van.

Right in the area of the Soca origin were also some great hiking trails further into the Triglav National Park and we decided to explore Slovenia’s backcountry and do a loop along the Triglav lakes valley with a night camping at about 1800m.

We were a bit over motivated in our planing though and ended up with massive days, covering over 2000m of altitude! Worth it though, the Triglav National Park is absolutely beautiful!

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