A family moving country, continent and hemisphere


After living in Austria for nearly a year, the time for change came along together with a job  offer Seon couldn’t resist: becoming an instructor at Outward Bound and working along their motto of “Better people, better communities, better world”.

As exciting as it is for him, as tough it was for me, to say good bye to my family and a place I had really connected to and put some roots down.

Additionally moving a household half way around the world is no easy task and the packing took a lot of thinking – what would we take with us on the plane, what could be shipped and what should stay behind, stored for our return someday?

The last few days were frenetic, both physically, wrapping things up, and emotionally, biding farewell to everybody.

Once on the plane, it felt nearly relaxing. We had chosen an Emirates flight with a night in Dubai and a paid hotel through the Dubai Connect offer. Looking back now, this was the perfect choice, since the following flight from Dubai to Sydney was a crazy long 14h and we were happy to board it fit and refreshed.

The last bit from Sydney to Christchurch went by in blur, overtired we didn’t even eat breakfast and only the snow on the mountains below managed to catch our attention.


Maya was great all over the trip, very active and bouncing up and down, or walking up and down the aisle with my help, and sleeping the rest of the time.


We had bought a car prior to arrival, so once we got to Christchurch, we made our way towards Anakiwa, at the very North of the South Island. Overtired, we had to pull over after 2h drive and took a motel in Kaikoura. We wanted to check out the local surf break there anyways as it will be the closest quality surf from our new home…


Finally we got to our destination and were delighted to find quite a lot of furniture in our new home!

During the first week it was all unpacking, organising, making ourselves a home and recovering from jet lag. People here are awesome, super welcoming and helpful, which makes a big difference for us, such a great community!

Looking forward now to exploring the surroundings and going for some kiwi adventures!



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