2 years on the Cabrinha Quest

The Cabrinha Quest is a 5 year seafaring expedition on 60ft sailing catamaran Discovery.

In search of the world’s most remote and epic kitesurfing and surfing locations.


A quest to consciously explore the Oceans of the world with passion, integrity, and sensitivity to the cultures and ecosystems we inhabit. To build awareness, global concern, and inspire solutions to the environmental crisis.

Seon and I completed 2 years as full time live aboard crew.

Sailing through Los Roques in Venezuela, San Blas in Panama, the Panama canal, the Galapagos islands, Patagonia, Easter Island and all over French Polynesia (we spent 2 full season just there, over 12 months in total).

Photo by John Bilderback

We did 3 Pacific Ocean crossings.

Each of them taking about 4 weeks at sea, sometimes with the closest land 2000 sea miles away and nothing but water to look at for a very long time. Time to reflect and if conditions allow, to catch up on things that take a back seat when running busy trips. Reading books and playing the Ukulele were probably my favourite past times during passage. On a total  we sailed about 25.000 sea miles in these two years.


Some of the most amazing people shared trips with us, becoming close friends.

A part from Seon as captain and me as first mate, we were also lucky enough to always have a professional chef onboard with us. They not only made our stomachs forever happy, but also added some spice to the mix with their personality.

On some trips, pro riders joined the crew.

They coached our guests with their kitesurfing, surfing or free diving. They all are incredible skilled watermen and -women and great persons, such a privilege to share water (and boat) time with them. Outstanding our “resident” pro Reo Stevens. No less impressive was having onboard Melissa Gil, Damien LeRoy, Nuria Goma, and so many other pro riders.

Other special moments were the pro trips with Cabrinha or Patagonia.

Great riders, photographers and videographers, and obviously the people who make it all happen – Pete Cabrinha and the Patagonia team. Check out the videos that were the outcome of these trips!

Last but not least the owners of Discovery.

Gavin McClurg and Jody MacDonald, who stand behind the whole Cabrinha Quest expedition and are off the hook adventurers themselves, with Jody being a world class photographer as well.


During these two years running the Cabrinha Quest, we got to explore amazing places I would have never seen otherwise.

I loved living on a sailing boat. The simplicity of life, feeling so connected with nature and the ocean, the countless sunrises, sunsets and starry skies you admire; being totally disconnected from the hectic life on land (although it can get hectic onboard too, if suddenly the wind kicks in or the surf starts pumping ;-). The rhythm of your days defined by nature and not the clock. The state of awareness and mindfulness that settles in nearly automatically when you remove the distractions and noise of modern life. Check out The Value of Nowhere video from a Cabrinha pro trip onboard. It sums it up pretty nicely, plus has some great surf in it.

Seon where he loved it most, Patagonia, Chile

Boatlife has its downsides too though.

It is intense, demanding, energy consuming, knows no weekends, end of works or complete time off without worrying about the boat, the anchorage, the wind and swell. Being far away from family and your friends at home. Nowhere to go if you just want to take a break or have a coffee with your best mate.


The refined spaces of a boat force you to grow, both on personal and professional level.

You have no other choice. You can’t escape problems (on any level), you have to face them and solve them. Solve them yourself. If you are in the middle of the ocean, you can’t a call a plumber to fix the blocked toilet or an electrician to trouble shoot the generator.

Seon working on the generator

If you are upset with somebody, you can’t avoid this person until you feel better. As said, it can get intense, demanding but also very rewarding.

A great chapter in our lives!


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