Abel Tasman Hiking

The Abel Tasman is New Zealands most visited National Park, and it’s easy to see why.

Golden beaches, turquoise waters, a very easy trail and huts and campsites all along the way.




Having done the whole 60km coast walk a couple of years ago, I was a bit hesitant to take my mum there though. Back then I found it just incredibly crowded. One day I ended up doing over 40kms, mainly because there weren’t any peaceful and quiet places that invited me to spend the night!

After a few days of pondering, we decided to go anyways, but just as a daywalk.

With a good weather window approaching, we packed the car with supplies, hiking/ camping gear and headed towards Takaka. We wanted to do the Northern end of the track which typically has less people.


The route there also comes with a long but scenic drive and the coastline before arriving at the trail start is stunning.

Detour to the freshwater springs of Te Waikoropupū Springs near Takaka.



The weather was gorgeous and once we had spent a day at Whariwharangi Beach, we wanted more. Maya loved to play in the sand and on the rocks and meeting people from all over the world.

So for the following night, we managed to book a space in a campsite, and then walked to Totaranui on the next day, with another long beach break at Mutton Cove and hitchhiking back to the trail start at the end of the day.



We probably would have stayed even longer but mum’s return flight is approaching fast and we were looking forward to the usual stuff after camping, hiking and roadtriping for a week: a hot shower, a comfortable big bed and clean clothes (and nappies 😉


It ended up being a stunning trip, really glad we went. Proved to be well worth having a good think about the itinerary, research and planning around the crowds. For more detailed information or recommendations on the Abel Tasman, just drop me a line!


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