West Coast Kiting

Another few days break and the middle of summer in New Zealand. Where should we go this time?

I really had enjoyed the time in the Abel Tasman and was keen on exploring the area further, so we decided to go to Takaka, and then as far north as you can go on the South Island – the Farewell Spit! Two people independently had told me about the area just south west of Farewell Spit and neither Seon nor I had been to there yet.

Remote, uncrowded, wild beaches with surf and kite potential, sounds good to us!

West Coast – no lack of space there

The stories were not exaggerated and we absolutely loved it. The beaches are stunning, we found some of the most beautiful campspots and there are pristine rivers mouthing into the ocean so you could choose between saltwater and freshwater swim.

Enjoying the view
Our favourite camp spot
Bedtime! Falling asleep to the sound of the waves…
Happy campers

One day Seon took the packraft and followed a river inland to explore.

Vegetation was so dense, the only way in was along the river. Another day we hiked up to a hill with amazing views over the inlet.

Hike up to a viewpoint over the massive inlet
We can already see ourselves pack rafting across the inlet to check out the surf on the sandbar at the entrance of the inlet!

The swell on the other hand was not exactly right to surf but we could see the potential and checked out all possible breaks for the future. The wind was full on though, and we managed to kitesurf on the last day before heading home.




Nearly no people around either, we can’t wait to come back after summer accompanied by a nice swell and go surfing!



0 thoughts on “West Coast Kiting

  1. Fantastic guys! Sure looks super beautiful ! I’m loving it here in Tz, but am really looking forward to travelling and seeing more of this beautiful planet 🙂

    Big love!

    Mike 🙂


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