Ski touring with a baby

It’s the middle of the summer here in New Zealand and I keep receiving photos from the fantastic winter wonder land in Austria right now. Pictures of snow and blue skies remind me of last winter.

It wasn’t that cold in Austria back then, nor did we have the same amount of snow. But with Maya just being born it will still be one of the most memorable winters for me.

First walk outside, a couple of days after birth. Maya is snuggled up in the sling, warm and cozy under Seon’s jacket. And yes, she can breathe there 😉

Maya loved to be in the sling or baby carrier and we quickly lengthened our walks through the valley and soon went uphill.

Maya just 1 month old and fast asleep. Our first “summit”, a 3h hike from our doorstep, partially through snow and from 700m up to 14o0m.

Once the snow arrived, I tried cross country skiing with Maya which was fantastic and I loved it all winter long, pretty much going for a spin every day. Like a clock, she fell asleep as soon as I put her in the carrier, put the jacket on and went outside. Her additional weight was great training for me, I didn’t have to push hard to get my heart rate up.

Soon we were quite comfortable with that, and once there was enough snow we ventured out for our very first ski tour! Maya was nearly 2 months at that point.

It was an easy route, and one that can be skied down on a forestry road. I probably wouldn’t ski tour any technical or exposed stuff, neither ski through deep snow because I wouldn’t want to risk a fall. But with our route, and skiing down very slowly, I felt pretty safe for Maya. It also helps to have her on the front, so I could always see her and make sure she was alright. I also often just held her closer to my body and supported her head with one hand if there was a little bump.

That said, I have been told horror stories about babies that ended up with frozen feet and even one story where a baby supposedly broke its neck many many years ago on the back of its skiing mum.

Safety of your little one is paramount, and by carrying Maya in front of me, she was always warm and I could always see how she was and also support her head, although nowadays the carriers and slings are already very supportive.


We did a few more ski tours throughout the winter and even skied down the local kids slope, ski teaching the little ones of a good friend, good training for the future 🙂

I also did one ski tour on my own, while Maya staid home with Seon. It worked out ok, but I decided to take her with me all other times mainly out of the selfish reasons to be worry free (is she ok, is she hungry?) and to be flexible.

Stoked to be exactly where I am

If it’s a stunning day  I can keep going longer without time pressure to return  home. I can fully enjoy the moment and share this beautiful environment with my little one.

A very special and amazing winter without a doubt!


How much better can it get?




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