We are a young family of adventurers. Both Seon and I have traveled extensively and lived in several different countries before our lives joined. After 2 years running the Cabrinha Quest sailing catamaran in the Caribbean and South Pacific, we headed to New Zealand for a season of mountains and rivers.


When I got pregnant we moved back to Europe, and in November 2015 our little baby daughter Maya was born. Lucky enough she loves the outdoors just as much as we do, and enjoys to come along on all adventures, be it ski touring in winter, or hiking, camping and mountain biking in summer; or a 2 month road trip to Morocco in search of waves.



Two years later, little Lani was born and with a little bit of creativity we continue what we love to do, adjusting things a bit to a little baby and a toddler who starts to have her own will and preferences of what she loves to do!


Having kids hasn’t slowed us down at all, it rather seemed that we are even more active than before and we hope to inspire other parents to just take the little ones along and let them enjoy nature.


We also like to keep things simple. Focus on the important people & places and to protect our planet. It is not about having more, but needing less. What do you really need in your life once the basics of food & shelter are covered?

With this blog, we would like to share some of our personal experiences and lifestyle, and hope to encourage other people to think out of the box and to consider options they wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.