Alternative Medicine & Healthcare

Nature or Pills?

Unfortunately there is no big money  involved in alternative medicines as opposed to the massive pharma industry.

That’s why  a whole wealth of natural remedies is unknown to the common public, or even worse, covered up.

A lot of people blindly believe what their doctors say or what publicity suggests. I don’t want to go into detail, but would like to encourage everybody to get informed about natural alternatives, before using drugs or chemically produced products. The choice of the right food is a great way to start. Herbs, super foods, wild food, the options are countless and would fill a whole blog… Be curious about the solutions mother nature provides!

Just a very simple example:

If you are low on iron (for example during pregnancy), you could take supplements that a very hard to digest and have side effects, or you just grab some nettles and brew yourself a nettle tea.

Another example is fever. Fever itself is something good because the immune system works better with higher temperature to fight the virus or bacteria. So if you immediately take medicines to lower the fever, you might actually recover later.

In nature, everything happens for a reason.

We often just treat the outcome, not the source. If you have a headache, taking a pill won’t solve the problem, just alleviate the consequences. If you are down with a flue, you are supposed to be DOWN with the flue, and not working nevertheless while on pain killers.

Of course there is no point in suffering excessively, but nowadays there is a pill to fix just about everything and we often don’t stop to think about the reason behind.

If this caught your interest, check out the following links:

ps. obviously doctors and drugs are great for the serious stuff and I’m grateful for all the advances in medicine, but I also think that doctors have very little time and a lot of patients and responsibility, and nobody knows your body like yourself, so it is always a good idea to use a bit of common sense, listen to your body and get informed about your alternatives or a second opinion.