Baby wipes, home made DIY

Meant to write down and share the recipe for homemade baby wipes a long time ago but never got around to it!

Mainly because I barely used baby wipes at all.

This will surprise a lot of parents, because once you start using them, you find it hard to live without them. The trick is not to start I guess. So what did I do for cleaning babies bum? Easy solution, just good old face cloths (in German Waschlappen). I get one wet with warm water, sometimes add a view drops of olive oil and that’s it!


I admit that this doesn’t smell as nice as commercial baby wipes.

But you gotta ask yourself where all the good nice smell comes from, and if it is worth having all these ingredients on your babies’ skin? Even in hospitals here in Austria, they just use the cloths, no baby wipes. I have also heard from a dermatologist, that they are really not as skin friendly as they want to appear.

Anyways, recently I made a bunch and started using them when travelling.

So, here’s the recipe!


1/2 kitchen roll (good quality)
350ml boiled water
1 Table Spoon Oil (I use olive oil)
1/2 Tea Spoon of soap (I sue Dr.Bronners)
1/2 Table Spoon Aloe Vera
1 Container (I find those 1KG yoghurt containers work perfect)

Step 1: Cut the kitchen roll in half.


Step 2: Boil 350ml of water.


Step 3: Mix the oil, soap and aloe vera into the water and stir it well


Step 4: Place the 1/2 kitchen roll in the container and pour the mix over it, distributing it well all around and inside and outside.

Step 5: Let it cool down, then take out the middle carton piece.


This sometimes takes a bit of fiddling, but the inner piece of the kitchen roll should come out with it and that’s where you start using it!

Homemade baby wipes, kitchenpaper in yoghurt container
Endresult of my homemade baby wipes

Et Voila, a couple of minutes later you have your own baby wipes!

There are heaps of instructions, videos and recipes online, so just have a look and choose what works best for you. Some people like to add essential oils which would certainly smell great. I might do this, once my little one is a bit older 🙂