Home made cosmetics

I have been checking the ingredients of food for a long time now, but at some point I realised that it’s not only what you put IN your body, but also what you put ON your body.

After a quick look at ingredients of creams, I decided to make my own. This was a few years ago and that first cream has worked well in cold conditions (it was quite fat). When pregnant with Maya, I wanted a cream in case she gets a sore bum and tried out homemade Calendula cream! Maya never needed it so far and it was so amazing that I ended up using it as my daily face cream when needed! Calendula flowers grow very easy and the other main ingredients are just olive oil and bee wax.

Overall, when living in Europe, olive oil is great skin care for me. Apply on wet skin after a shower, otherwise you get too oily. Have used it throughout pregnancy and once Maya was born and it worked great. Plus, I never have to worry if Maya licks my skin which babies often do. Try to lick a normal post pregnancy cream and you might throw up… If living in other parts of the world where olives are not grown locally, coconut oil would be a good alternative, or really any other local high quality oil.

Ideally the less cream you need, the better. I believe there is a vicious circle created by the cosmetics industry… if you use soap, your skin gets dry, so you need a body lotions and creams. Same applies for hair. The more stuff you put on it, the more care it needs afterwards. Of course everybody wants to smell nice, but less is more if you care about the health of your skin and hair (and animal testing, palm oil, etc).

Recipes coming soon!

Homemade Calendula Cream