Home made skin peeling

So, this is one is SUPER easy, cheap and smells delicious. Here are my 2 favourites:

#1 Coffee + Coconut Peeling

You just take the used coffee grounds

(assuming you don’t use a Nespresso… if you do so, PLEASE consider changing to another method that doesn’t create such an ridiculous amount of waste. I know, you can send the capsules back and they recycle them, but as far as I have read, about 97% of it still is NON recyclable, so it’s basically a marketing gag to make you feel better).

& then you add coconut oil.

If it is solid, leave in a warm place until it melts, then mix it. I use about 1:1 (1 table spoon of coffee grounds plus 1 table spoon of coconut oil). But basically you want it liquid enough to be able to apply it to your skin, but solid enough so it doesn’t run through your fingers.

During your next shower, rub it on your skin and rinse off!

It’s a bit messy, but I love the smell! And the caffeine stimulates your skin, that’s why it is also used in lots of commercial creams and peelings!

#2 Salt + Olive Oil Peeling

This one will make you wanna eat a big salad, which is a good thing I guess 😉

Just take salt and add olive oil until you get the right consistency.

I also sometimes add essential oils, so it won’t smell of olive oil, but for example of orange or lavender.

Rub it on to your skin after your next shower, then rinse off (ideally cold 🙂