Pregnancy & Birth

When pregnant, we get confronted with a lot of choices. Do you want to do any possible test to monitor the development of your unborn child? Do you want to take vitamin supplements to prevent possible deficits you might or might not have? Do you give birth in a hospital to have the doctors and infrastructure nearby … More Pregnancy & Birth

Year 1

When Maya entered our world, it was the beginning of winter. The first snow arrived only a couple of days after her birth and a sunny and extremely warm autumn came to an end. According to our midwife, most babies get born after weather changes, not at full moon. So did ours. I was lucky enough … More Year 1

Sourdough Rye Bread

This recipe takes a bit of time at first, BUT the result is great bread with just flour and spices, no yeast no nothing. Ingredients: About 550g Rye flour 250 Spelt flour (can also just be rye flour if you want the bread to be 100% rye) Water Spices (I use caraway, fennel, coriander and … More Sourdough Rye Bread

LAM-natural child spacing

Most new mothers get asked by their obstetrician a couple of months after birth about their plans on contraception. Breastfeeding used to have the reputation of avoiding getting pregnant. By now we know though that it doesn’t necessarily prevent pregnancy and everybody seems to know somebody who has gotten pregnant while breastfeeding. That’s why most obstetricians recommend to … More LAM-natural child spacing


Ok, so everybody knows by now how good breastfeeding is for your baby AND for the mother. Breast milk is exactly made for your babies’ needs, it has antibodies, it’s great for bonding, it releases oxytocin and helps the mother’s body to get back to pre birth status, it uses calories and so on. But here are few more things that … More Breastfeeding