Maya on one of the endless flights from Europe to New Zealand.


Travelling is a somehow contraversal subject for me nowadays. I used to love it 100% and still love many aspects of it. When you get to know different cultures, new people, get totally out of your usual routine, it often shifts the way you think, creates new ideas, makes you reflect about your life, widens the horizon and at the same time makes you appreciate what you have at home.

BUT… on the other hand it involves flying or driving a car most of the time and thinking of the carbon footprint you leave behind really makes me feel bad about it.

Nowadays we try to explore ways of travelling with less negative environmental impact, sailing is awesome for example (plus it gets you to surf breaks with hardly anybody else ;-). Or using public transport and carpooling to get to your hiking or holiday destination. Cycle travelling is also something I would like to try in the future. And then just exploring the closer surroundings, doing Micro Adventures.

That said, only a few lucky of us happen to live in a place where they can follow their passions locally, a place where they enjoy spending their free time. Flying somewhere for a week of epic surf is something hard to say no to. But we like to be aware of the impact we make and try to think twice about how we move.

It’s work in progress!

Baby+Boardbag+Boat… perfect combination!